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January 09, 2011



I find going through the girls rooms to be a rather frustrating job - like I'm sure it was for you. But it sure does feel good when it's organised. How is it that organised/tidy people like ourselves have kids who aren't? I totally blame Kevin for my girls untidy habits.



Oh, and their room looks great - I love how clean and uncluttered it is - I guess teenage boys don't collect quite as many "ornaments" as young girls :-).



I was just complaining yesterday that you can't have white walls with boys and here you have it! I love this annual post and now you have me itching to clean out but I will wait til they all go back to school :)

Also i spy that your DVD's have moved from the book shelf, does this mean they have found a home in the binders, ala Jamie Lee Curtis? :)


Also I bet you are feeling a little sentimental that there is only one set of school clothes in the wardrobe, so I am sending a big hug to you :)


Yes Libby, I totally blame Gary for their messy ways LOL


Just so we are being totally honest Mel...I am always wiping down the walls with the spray & wipe! And yes the cupboard is half bare with only one set of uniforms. It is what they wear 5 days a week and now the space looks empty.

The DVD's have been sorted and are now all in 2 drawers under the TV in DVD sleeves - DVD in front, cover art in back. I still have to sort them by genre (LOL) but I bow down to Jamie Lee Curtis!!


you are better than martha. : )

jody [gonggirl]

Re: [the midnight scrapper] elizabeth submitted a comment to its that time once again when all things must be sorted and purged...

Oh that comparison to Martha makes my day LOL


ooh I would love to see how you did it. Did you manage to find some binders? Although I did love how you organised the DVD's on your bookshelf :)

jody [gonggirl]

Re: [the midnight scrapper] Mel submitted a comment to its that time once again when all things must be sorted and purged...

No Mel, not in binders...just in rows (3) in the large drawer under the TV stand and then you can just flip through them. Binders (very small choice) would have taken up just as much room. It just freed up so much room for a shuffle around!!


your photos make me laugh, the process, and isn't it a process. Great job, I bet you feel great even if the kids don't. Love the Ikea shelving unit...really works well there.


How awesome the closet looks. And I absolutely love the prints/frames on the wall. Where did you get them from? I was looking for some ideas for my rooms too and this looks really cool. Also, where did you get the shelves in the closet floor? Happy organizing.

jody [gonggirl]

Re: [the midnight scrapper] Dipty submitted a comment to its that time once again when all things must be sorted and purged...

Yes I love it all cleaned out, though it does look a little empty with all Oscars school uniforms gone!!
The frames on the wall are IKEA and the prints are a mixture of IKEA, etsy, and my sons drawings, nothing expensive. The shelves in the cupboard are from Howards Storage World and are made by elfa (part of their storage solutions range). And yes, organising makes me happy LOL

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