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January 11, 2011



Now that makes my big zucchini (that I just blogged about today) look like a baby. We've had some big ones over the years but I think yours would be the record winner :-). The thing that amazes me is that everything will be picked or just about the right size and yet just a day or later you'll find a wopper - not sure if they hide or grow massive overnight!
I can imagine the fun your boys had with this :-).


Lee Currie

Oh my, Jody! I just read your story to my husband who found it equally funny. The funniest part was knowing that I would have probably posted the photos your chose not to share :) Great harvest!


maybe I won't start a veggie patch this year if sniggery photos will be needed by the kids ~lol~ you're right, I bet it tastes horrible, but I like the sounds of balsamic and bbq'd zucchini, I'll add it to my list!

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