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September 24, 2010



Gosh Jody you nearly had me in tears :) The years just fly by don't they :)

jody [gonggirl]

Re: [the midnight scrapper] mel submitted a comment to graduation day...

Mel, I teared up again typing it up LOL

Monika Wright

I was in tears Jody, wonderful writing to recap the event. Love the last photo, too. Zach is now a college freshman and trust me, the worrying doesn't stop.


Hooray for Oscar!!!! I can hardly believe that I've known the Dent-Pruks family since that first photo was taken.

Good god, woman, how long does it take to get the mail in Australia??!? You're killing me over here. : )


Congrats to your little puffin, Oscar :)
He has the most beautiful smile!


What a beautiful post Jody. Congrats to Oscar and best wishes for the upcoming HSC. Love the puffin story - gave me goosebumps.



goodness me, I have tears in my eyes! I can't imagine how you held yourself together! I can't wait until my little puffins get ready to jump off the rock!

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