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August 26, 2010



I have been lurking for awhile but your success with the zipper on your first attempt has prompted me to comment. I have been sewing for longer than your machine has been in existence and still am intimidated by putting zips in! You have inspired me to master them once and for all. This afternoon I will conquer the invisible zipper.....
I look forward to seeing your next creation!

jody [gonggirl]

Re: [the midnight scrapper] Lynne submitted a comment to as if the scrapping, quilting, crochet and jam making were not enough to keep me busy...

Lyn, firstly welcome out of lurkdom!

Yes, zippers. They look soooooo simple but are deceptive little suckers when you try and get the sewing foot close to the closing end. Lets just say there were some minor tantrums going on at my sewing table, but I finally did it. Good luck!!


Hi Jody,

Is the class still taking enrolements? If so could you please let me know the details. My sewing came to a big halt when my local shop (where I was just learning) closed down.



I'm taking the same class, but have been sidetracked with other sewing projects, and have yet to start anything... great job on the zipper - if nothing else, the class has taught me I have a free-arm sewing machine, and how to use it ~lol~

Monika Wright

Very impressive, Jody. Is there anything you can't do? I haven't taken a sewing class since 8th grade Home Ec and that was eons ago. I can't wait to see the rest of your projects...BTW, I adore your little pincushion!

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