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January 03, 2010



way to go and congratulations on a year finished. :)


your finished well done!

I am bravely going to do it again this year, I will let you know when my BH kit arrives :)


well done - I'm aiming to do it this year for the first time and at the moment am thinking about album possibilities - really like yours



I am so excited that you finished : ) I thought about it for 2010. But I think I'll take one more year off... tackle a few different projects instead (yes, you should do 10/Tuesday for a whole year!)
: )


you're finished your album already! holy cow! did you do it all throughout the year? i just have one very large folder waiting to be printed and then i don't know what I'll do. did you buy a kit for the year or did you just make up your own templates?

jody [gonggirl]

Hi Nadine

I did the album a month at a time. At the end of each month I would have my photos printed and then come home, slip them in the album and journal.

I set the album up myself as there was no way us poor internationals were ever going to get a kit!!! I knew if I got behind to much (and I did fall about 6 weeks behind at one point) I would be to overwhelmed to catch up.

I keep saying it but I am proud that I got it all done because although the concept is simple, it is a commitment!

Take care...



Hi Jody

I saw your layout about the Ferero Rocher on I actually searched out your blog just to leave this comment. (Lame, I know.) I have two small boys (8 and 6) and I have passed the love of good chocolates on to them. They love Lindt and Ferero Rocher (an expensive habit.) There was an advertisement on TV a while ago (I live in a different country, don't know how universal these things are) where the Ferero Rocher fell from the sky. It boiled down to it being the food of the Gods and they let some fall down to earth. It was a lovely add, surreal and mythical. My sons were mesmerised. Whenever we walk into a store and they see the boxes of Ferero Rocher they would point and shout: The chocolates that fell from the sky. I think they honestly believe it.

jody [gonggirl]

Re: [the midnight scrapper] Anneke submitted a comment to mission accomplished...

Hi Anneke

I love that story and know exactly what you are talking about because we have that same add and I agree...they taste like they come from heaven!!

As another funny story, I participated in Project 365 last year (that sounds funny to say, 5 days into the new year LOL) and at the beginning of December I saw a wonderful Ferrero Roche display in our supermarket a giant golden Christmas tree made out of hundreds of chocolate balls, surrounded by box after box of Ferrero Roche. It was truly dazzling and I decided it just had to be photo of the day. I whipped out my camera and lined up for a photo and this sort of brought everyones attention to me. So there I am with everyone looking and asking what I am doing.

So I have 2 options at this point spend the next 15 minutes telling them all about project 365 or...

I tell them I am a merchandiser checking the display, snap the photo and get out of there asap!!!!!!!

Yep, I sure do love that chocolate.


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